What’s Real??

Lets be real

Of what we feel

Let me see

What Your eyes see

Your mind thinks

And Your heart beats.

The Broken Promises

The Shattered soul

And Your torn heart,

I desire to ammend

Restart the feeling we once shared

And reebot all the illusions, mistakes

I once brought in your mind

Causing pain and agony

To the infinite Spirit of Love

Your brought in my life.

Dawn Of The Beast.

                   >Episode one<

I breathed beastly on the right part of her neck

Inhaled the aroma of her mind blowing 

Eye catching!!!

Sweet, tasty juice that flew her neck

To her brains.

I admired the flow of blood in her veins 

And pierced my claws into her bare skin

Ready to unleash the Vampire blood in me

Tearing her flesh into minced meat

And bathing my sarcastic smile

In the pool of blood

That covered our feet

And spread from of our ankles

To the tip of our toes.

I could feel her heartbeat 

Growing and Pounding enormously fast

As her soul screamed in terror 

Of fear!!!

From being separated 

From its flesh

As it watched in plain sight

My fist ripping her heart open

My mind feasting on its heart

My teeth grinding for her internal organs

And my throat groaning for desire of her blood

That pooped out from its Hearts Arteries

Mixed with her little drip of tears

That rolled down her cheeks

Forming a red juicy cocktail

Placed before me

In a silverplatterd plate.

The terror that her heart felt

The pain that her mind tried to withstand

Made her wish Mercifully

I could lay her to a never ending sleep

Relieving her eyes from the sorrow

Of watching the rest of her life

Turn into an endeless blackdark hole

Full of restless pain and agony.

Alive and still breathing

I broke her jaw

Twisted her neck

Snatched her petty bones out of her flesh 

With my two, sharp, tippointed Canines

And pulled her remains back to my den.

The Dawn Of the Beast had awakened

And all the mythical stories, narrated by your grand moms, had come to pass.

This Beast knew No Man, No Woman, No Child

It knew no Big nor Small creature

To him, all tasted like a Blood.

Anyone who came a feet close to it

Or its own reproduction layer

Never lived to see the dawn of the day

And no living thing

Could cut short its existence

Except the flaming sword of Charmelot.

     ” This was just the beginning”

I Can’t Help it!!

Ignore it!!

What my heart thinks

What my mind dreams

What my lips feel

What my eyes see

A sparkle in your eyes

Everday of my life

Every moment of my time

Am one step close to your doorstep

One inch high to your window pane

Ready to see the standing beauty

With her Outstanding soul

That brightens my day and night

With her glamorous looks

And her charming smile

So beautiful as the morning sun

So glittery as the midnight stars

So smooth, soft and kind

To call my heartbeat

Guardian to my heart

With her single touch

As the Key to my locked heart.

I Can’t Fake It!!

My mind is into something

Something big

My heart is into someone

Someone out of the ordinary

But I can’t help it

I can’t fake it.

The mutual love

The everlasting desire

That I have for her

In my heart,  I can’t fake it.

I don’t want her to turn away

Run away,

From my affection to her,

Cause I really need her in my life

Now more than ever

Cause a life she gave me back

When I was low

A right, she handed me back

When all was lost

When faith and trust

In finding the right companion

Right soul mate

Had become a history lesson

A love depression

In my heart

But her timing

I can’t complain!!

Cause she made her way to me

To comfort the loneliness in me

And revive the love and affection

I once had lost out

Out In the deep Blue see.

Am Lost!!

My mind is full of sorrow

My heart is full of Love

You Can’t borrow

It can’t grow Old.

But am lost!!

All at a cost

Of either having you as a Friend

Or having you as my Girlfriend

Cause through thick and thin 

We’ve been

Day and Night

We’ve seen

How affectionate 

Our hearts grow.

But I wish I could say

Am here to stay

Never to turn away

Never to run away

Nor to fall away

From this love and passion

That stands tall in existence

Giving me a purpose to exist

Never feeling to exit

This World of love

You brought to my feet

Giving me all the needs

All the means

To sacrifice my trust

For you and me

To live a trustworthy life.

” my purpose for existence”

Am Tired.

Am Tired!!
Tired of living a life of lies
Tired of being left behind closed doors
Tired of being manipulated by your sweet simile
Sweet tone of your voice

But now all I want is out!!
Out of this world of fantasy
Out of this not so amusing era
We called relationship

I tried my all
Tired till my fall
Just for me to please you
And for you to applause me
For my determination and hardwork
Of never pausing
To make your heart and mind glad
And grateful
Of having me as your beloved.

But certainly, 
My heart is not tired
Of roaming each corner
Each stopover 
Of this street we called ours
As we maneuver
Both day and night
Enjoying all the attention
All the publicity
From the not-busy onlookers

As we run down the narrow path recklessly
And up the tiresome stair case irresponsibly
Holding on to each others palm firlmy
And onto each others heart tightly

Never feeling to let go
Nor to say “So long……”
As we near the ‘bend’
Our diversion point.

All My Life.

I’ve waited so long

Prayed for long

Almost half of my life

To have a mutual relationship

Fall in Love

Not the overview kind of Love

But deeply in Love

Live to my last days

Last stay

Here on Earth

With someone like you.


So sweet to call honey

So dearly to call darling

So breathtaking to call family

Cause with you

A family I want to rise

An empire I want to build

Our lineage I want we extend

Cause my heart found comfort

And my mind found understanding

Since that day!!

That day I finally found you

That day my eyes first met you.

Though I promised

You promised!!

Never to fall in love with a stranger

But know that stranger

This stranger!!

Can’t help it!!

Or fake the affection 

He has for you.

Birthday Girl!!!

And on this day
A Princess was born
By her Excellency
The Queen she was.

So charming
She came to be
She grew up to be
Making her admirable
Making her irresistable
To this World
She never knew
Or had a clue
Who she might be.

My heart wished
My mind dreamed
And my soul, begged!!
For my flesh
To share this glorious day
This breathe taking moment
With her soft hands around my neck
And my ‘Not yet Mascular’ arms around her waist

But hopefully one-day
All this fantasy in my head,
Carefully placed at the centre of my mind,
Shall come to pass.

And my heart
Plus the affectionate that we share
Both in our hearts
Shall stop nagging my mouth
To play that one!!
One last happy birthday tune
I promised to sing
As you turned a year older.


            “Happy BornDay Princess

Love Letter!!

Dear Love,
Thinking of you,

Is like the air I breath,

And without you,

Am more as dead.

I keep on smiling,

Every time my eyes gaze on you.

Not able to forget,

The little time we spent.

And your height!! 

I can’t complain.

Cause you are beyond recognition,

My centre of attraction!!

You’re sweet smile,

Makes my eyes shed tears,

Not because you sadden my heart,


Because of your Cuteness,

Cuteness, that can’t stand my eyes.

Alive is what we are.

Remberring how much you adored my Curves.

Cause with you,

I felt more of a dove,

Ready to fly into space,

Never to return.

You are more than what money can buy, 

And thats why I can’t stand this feeling,

With you by my side.

Truly, you are one of a kind.

signed: _________ (“the girl”)

Dear Love,
I was wrong,

Wrong admmiting that I Never loved you,

Wrong accepting that you saw me just as a friend, 

Though at times they seemed deceiving,

I was still blinded,

Blinded with the emotional friendship that we shared.

The jokes we made together,

The smile that accompanied your laughter,

The cute pics you sent me on a daily basis,

All!! Are the memories, I wish to keep in my heart,

Safeguarded with the joy, You brought in my life,

Because my life ain’t perfect with you,

And our love, ain’t complete without us.

signed: _________ (“the boy”)

1What I Want?

I want us to be together,

Live together,

Laugh together,

Love you forever,

Hangout together,

Hold onto you forever,

Make babies together,

Make plans together.

Grow old together,

Cause your are my source of life,

My source of happiness. 

My source of strength,

And my source of light,

For the rest of my years,

I want to share with you.

  “If I lost everything, In my heart ❤it would mean nothing, cause I have you”